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FS/FT: Rotosphere, Jetter, SKB, Rockman, FX65, older Boss


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  • FS/FT: Rotosphere, Jetter, SKB, Rockman, FX65, older Boss

    Below is a list of pedals I'm looking to trade or sell where price is added. If you want to buy something off the trade list, expect me ask you to make me an offer. Or, save us some time and just make an offer.

    Lots of pix are at

    I return all e-mails, but please be patient. LOTS of references on TGP.

    Right now only shipping to the conus.

    # = with box
    + = Like new, good to great condition
    Most have velcro on them, I can pull it or keep it on, no worries.

    For Sale:

    Jetter Gain Stage Purple (GSP): $135 #+
    This pedal is discontinued and does the Marshall in a box thing very well. From Jetter: "Plexi style tones. Very dynamic, open and amplike in feel. Crunchy rhythm to singing lead tones" In great condition with box.

    Hughes and Kettner (H&K) Tube Rotosphere MKI: $315 shipped/pp'd. With original box, paperwork and 2 power supplies. It's always good to have a back up. These are discontinued and easily one of the best Leslie sims out there. Tube driven and warm and not digital sounding at all. It's in GREAT shape and works fantastically. GREAT for a KBist looking for a legit Leslie sound.

    I had both the MKI & MKII at the same time and this is the one I held on to when I went to sell one. I personally liked the tone better (it sounds warmer and more alive than the modern MK2) and the controls vs the MKII. The MKI has a momentary switch for the brake, which the MKII does not. It has an off/on switch so that you cant do those cool start and stop things by depressing and releasing the switch but you got to pop it in and out. No idea why they stopped doing that on the MKII.

    The pix are a little misleading. The pedal looks dirty, it's not. More pix HERE.

    Rockman Stereo Chorus: $180.
    A classic chorus, these are revered by some and this one sounds great.

    SKB PS-25 pedalboard w/ soft case: $110
    This is a powered pedal board (keep in mind these have a transferable, lifetime, full replacement warranty) In good condition with a back-up power chord. Dimensions: (L x W x H) 26-9/16 x 14-13/16 x 1-1/2 in. Have all the cables.

    Washburn Bad Dog stereo Phaser: $30
    a fun little stereo phaser. This one may be a "throw in" to get a trade done...lets's talk.

    For Trade (if you want to buy one of the pedals below please make me an offer -- I want to move these but I'll ignore any "how much for. . ."):

    Boss PH-2 SUPER Phaser: MIT (4/97) can get really crazy funky (I've gotten that "Whose that Lady" gtr solo sound) or great Floyd tones (think subtle, ala syd's theme on Pink Floyd's Shine on YCD) Totally underrated phaser. #+

    Boss MZ-2 Digital Metalizer: MIJ (3/88) The MZ-2 is a somewhat unusual distortion pedal as it has 3 doubling modes, 2 chorus modes as well as a normal distortion mode. The distortion is produced in an analog circuit while the chorus and delay functions are created using a digital chip. The pedal has 2 main circuit boards where one of them is analog and the other one digital. The MZ-2 has stereo outputs which is unusual for a distortion pedal but makes perfect sense because of the doubling modes. The MZ-2 has 6 different modes. Straight distortion, distortion/delay (3 modes) and distortion/chorus (2 modes).

    DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus: With box in great condition. Has battery door.

    Please no offers for chorus, compressors or Bad Monkey pedals - I'm all set.

    For trades, I'll do 2-for-1 or + ca$h if it works, I'll wheel and's some of the stuff I'm interested in trading for (ie your best change of getting a trade done):

    Pedals & things I want:
    Pedaltrain PT-2 w/ hard case
    T-rex Fuel Tank Jr
    Rockett Josh Smith Dual Tremolo
    Sennheiser e609 silver
    Exotic EP Booster (let me know if it's V1 or V2: serial number greater than #11012)
    Foxrox cc hybrid fuzz
    Diamond J-Drive MK3
    OX Fuzz
    Skreddy Lunar Model dlx (prefer mini)
    3Leaf Proton
    Sennheiser e609 silver
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