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FS/T Korg Pitchblack+ and Danelectro Cool Cat CTO-1 V!


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  • FS/T Korg Pitchblack+ and Danelectro Cool Cat CTO-1 V!

    Hey all.

    Pitchblack+ with original packaging for sale. Has 2 channels (A/B) to connect 2 guitars or basses, both programmable to custom tunings, and multiple display options.

    It's been on my board since I got it last winter. Shows minor wear with a few small scuffs on the display glass, but doesn't hinder the visibility in any way. Very bright and easy to see on the darkest stages.

    ADDED Danelectro Cool Cat CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive V1. This is the Timmy clone. Has velcro on rubber backing. No box. Served me well when in use, but my T.C. Jauernig Gristle King is handling my boost/od needs.

    Asking $80 shipped/PP gifted for the Pitchblack to your door, $55 pp gift/shipped for the CTO-1, but make an offer. I plan to use the tuner on my Pitchfactor so I haven't got much use for this guy. Trades are considered as well, would love to trade this along with the Cool Cat transparent Od V1 for a Voodoolab PP2+

    Thanks for lookin!

    The Goods

    Warrior Signature/Knight
    ltd ec1000 vintage honey burst
    Splawn Quickrod
    Mesa Oversized cab
    isp pro rack g
    MXR Carbon Copy
    MXR EVH Phase 90
    Line 6 DL4
    Eventide Pitchfactor
    Cool Cat CTO-1
    T.C. Jeaurnig Gristle King