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1962 Klemt Echolette Echo / Delay reel loop and tube amp, amazing vintage tone htf !


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  • 1962 Klemt Echolette Echo / Delay reel loop and tube amp, amazing vintage tone htf !

    I came along this gem by way of a friend. Very excited to have it for sale here on the forums. Cosmetically very nice, light pitting, and a gorgeous petina to the faceplate. wires and caps are all very easily identifiable. This was a working unit at the time of storage 25 years ago in the basement. The original power transformer was professionally removed and used in another project , so it is not included. Im selling it as a parts kit , not working. The heads look excellent, the pinch rollers are not cracked and seem clean. all the chassis markings are bright and clearly stamped.all the pots have been cleaned w/ electronic cleaner and are smoother turning. This was not covered in gunk as it was stored in a box in a dry basement. The original rack case is yours if you want to pick it up in person . otherwise i will only ship the faceplate and chassis cage w/ the amp. There is one drive motor support stantion that is missing. should be an easy fix w/ small brake line or tubing. contains all the original tubes (Realistic brand Lifetime made in Japan) . The last owner says it was only used occasionally during the 70's and was put away tlll now. Very close to working restoration , or you could have an amazing parts chassis / tube set. Motor is stamped 1961 spins straight quiet and smoothly, engages w/ the spring mech. Back plate is marked Guaentee NR 248XX type NG51 A (the best of the best made) Im selling it as is for $700 free shipping in the continental US.