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  • My pedals/pickups/Les Paul for your pedals

    I have the following for trade. Prices are +shipping, and OBO. Trade wants are at the bottom.

    MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive-Sweet pedal, but not seeing enough use to merit keeping.-$60

    MXR GT-OD-Awesome tubescreamer-style pedal, but I already have two TS style pedals on my board-$65

    Tech 21 Character series Liverpool V1-Awesome pedal, I had been using this to go direct to the sound board before I got my POD. The only difference between this and the V2 is the button to disable speaker emulation. I have the original tin and card that came with it. Back battery cover is missing, but black electric tape is doing the job fine (as pictured).-$100

    So, here is what I'm looking for. If you have anything from this list for trade, or just for sale, shoot me a PM or better yet, an email at

    *Whammy V

    *EHX Micro POG (or POG II, but preferably Micro POG)

    *Wampler Ego Compressor OR Visual Sound Comp 66 (If you have a different non-Boss or Dynacomp compressor, let me know).

    *Any reverb pedal

    * Surprise me as far as trades go.

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    Bump, cash deals considered too.


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      Bump for adding pictures.


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        Would you be interested in the rackmount version of the Sonic Maximizer, or would it need to be the Sonic Stomp? I've got a rackmount version, 482l model...
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          I want that liverpool and that badass od.

          Feck. Cash options?
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            Maybe someday down the road, but right now I'm too comfortable with my pedalboard/amp setup to go rack mounted. Thank you for the offer though!


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              Quote Originally Posted by Dolf
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              I want that liverpool and that badass od.

              Feck. Cash options?

              Shoot me an offer, I'm not in a crunch for cash so I haven't really thought about cash prices. Partial trades (with cash on my end or yours) are definitely an option too.


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                Bump, prices added.


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                    Bump for edits, just the pedals are left now.