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(FS/FA) Huge Pedal/Guitar/Amp Purge..

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  • (FS/FA) Huge Pedal/Guitar/Amp Purge..

    Rare, old, vintage, imported and modified pedals for sale!

    Pedals are located in Sydney (Inner West) for pickup or $7 postage Australia wide ($25 worldwide).

    Pics are in the link at the bottom..



    AD-900 (2 chip) - $300

    AD-900 (4 chip) - $280

    AD-80 - $280


    OD-801 D&S (Japanese muff) - $300

    D&S II (small box muff) - $200


    PT-909 (small box) - $140

    PT-909 (tall/slant box, w/ label) - $120

    PT-909 (tall/slant box, no label) - $105


    DS-1 (1984 MIJ, Black Label) - $110

    SG-1 (Near mint, silver screw, MIJ) - $350

    SP-1 (Beat up, works perfect, reeeeaaally old, MIJ) - $400

    PN-2 (rare, near mint) - $160

    HF-2 (missing a knob, MIJ) - $100

    HF-2 (MIJ) - $110

    Also selling some MIJ guitars to Australians ($50 for a courier):

    Greco SV-600 (1979) - $850

    Greco EG-800 (1978) - $750

    Tokai Silver Star (1982) - $550

    All item details are here on eBay (price drops for working outside of eBay though!)

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    <div class="message">Your Super Crazy Greeny! Like Super Crazy...... Super Crazy. Super Crazy SUper Crazy...... Greeny23 I love how you are so super cool at this Forum YOUR SUPER COOL ... WE NEED TO FIND OUT MORE ON THESE TOXIC PEDALS... I almost bought one. I AM SO PISSED!</div>

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