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FS - Vintage 1975 EHX Big Muff PI


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  • FS - Vintage 1975 EHX Big Muff PI

    I've decided to sell my vintage Big Muff. The reasons being A) it's an antique so i don't feel right stomping on it, and B) I have no desire to see it gathering dust on a shelf. It's the one with 2N5088's. The unit works great. 2 capacitors have been replaced. I'd just like to see it have a good home. I see the same one on ebay right now with a Buy It Now price of 499.00$ but that seems a little high.

    How about 390$ plus shipping and insurance.

    I'd entertain a trade plus cash for a boutique russian muff, Pharaoh, Musket, Colossus, etc. PM me.

    i have a ton of successful transactions on ILF and TGP.
    great deals with: thevelourfog