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2 section true bypass loop pedal with Blue LED indicators


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  • 2 section true bypass loop pedal with Blue LED indicators

    I was building a few of these for a large pedal board installation for a local customer and I ended up with 2 extra pedals.

    Each pedal has 2 loops and each loop is fully independant of the other.

    Each enclosure is 4.625W X 2.50L x 1.50T

    They are both die cast aluminum enclosures with all switchcraft jacks and EH blue 3PDT switches. and everything is wired with 20 ga. Teflon coated stranded silver wire. the 3PDT switches are wired in "millieum" style bypass with grounded inputs.and it has Blue LED indicators to show when a loop is engaged.
    both LED indicator lights are on a completely independant circuit to reduce pops or noise. and they are wired for external power source only. (no battery inside)
    the stranded Silver wire alone is worth quite a bit these days.

    asking 75.00 each.. will listen to offers or trades. enjoy the photos, and please ask questions if you feel the need.
    Also I forgot to label everything before I shot the photos, the pedal will arrive fully labeled.

    the Coolest Guitars Designs since...ever

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    after having checked around the web. I see that Loop-Master pedals is selling these for less.. So I'm dropping my price to 50.00 and shipping which should be about 8 bucks.

    also if someone needed more than 2 loops for a project, i can build how ever many are required.
    the Coolest Guitars Designs since...ever