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Trade me stuff for (CSP028 vintage Script Comp) (Rocktron Utopia G-100)


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  • Trade me stuff for (CSP028 vintage Script Comp) (Rocktron Utopia G-100)

    I'll take or give cash to make up the value difference for whatever you're interested in or offering. PM me if there's interest in anything.

    I have a couple of these CSP-028 Vintage MXR Compressors, new, in box and never unpackaged from plastic (grabbed them up in a price match at a great deal). They are pretty much boutique reissues of the originals. I'm looking for either cash around $130 or you can offer me a trade. Right now i'm interested in a Ravish Sitar or possibly a Pharaoh fuzz or some sort of Bitcrusher/lofi pedal.

    I also have a G-100 I havent used for a few years. This one is in great shape but not New-In-Box like the compressors. I'm looking for trades, same stuff as above.

    Good trades with: Cadillacman, JW112, SPACECHARGE, rdm, killthehippies45, virtuzoso, KenSmith, Calazula