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Boss ME-X Rare Multi-Effects with Bypass Looper & Tuner

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  • Boss ME-X Rare Multi-Effects with Bypass Looper & Tuner

    BOSS ME-X - $150 Shipped CUSA.

    The Boss ME-X was introduced in 1996 or 97. I remember thinking it was very cool when it came out, but they did not make them for long. I believe it was slightly ahead of its time.

    What makes the ME-X so cool is that it allows you to get your core effects - Reverb, Compression, EQ, Delay, Chorus, tuner, etc... from a Boss processor. It also allows you to utilize your favorite effects pedals into three loops.

    The pedals in the loops can be saved as part of your presets - so if you setup a slapback delay, reverb and compressor with your Tubescreamer and a Wah it will engage everything when you recall that preset. It's really a cool idea.

    The effects sound just like you would expect. If you're used to the Roland/Boss pedals you pretty much know what this sounds like. Some cool features include MIDI control, Tap Tempo for the delays, an expression pedal (use any volume pedal) and the like. It really does a lot.

    The best part is that when you need to pack up you just pop the cover on (both latches are in excellent shape!) and you have a portable pedal board that gives you bypass and power as well as a great selection of effects.

    This is just a great sounding and seldom seen piece. It was expensive when it was new. I only remember seeing them at one store (where I bought this one - Daddy's across from Berklee College of Music when I was a student). It is a cool conversation piece and a practical piece of gear that covers a lot of ground.

    You can download the manual here:

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    Is this still for sale??