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Quite a Few Nice Pedals for Trade/Possible Sale (Zvex, EHX, Visual Sound, Cusack, etc)

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  • Quite a Few Nice Pedals for Trade/Possible Sale (Zvex, EHX, Visual Sound, Cusack, etc)

    It's been a few years since I've felt the need to mix up my board, and I have dozens of pedals and the like sitting in a corner collecting dust.  I don't really want to ebay them off, but if anythign is of interest to you feel free to drop me a PM with a trade or money offer. I can snap pictures if there's somthing in particular you are interested in... everything is in NM shape unless otherwise indicated.


    Zvex Inventobox (I never got around to playing with it)

    Zvex Ring Tone

    Zvex Ooh Wah 2

    Zvex Wah Probe

    Zvex Tremolo Probe

    EHX HOG1 w/ Controller

    Maxon ST-9 Pro+

    Maxon SD-9 Pro+

    Lovepedal Gen5 Delay

    MXR Carbon Copy (original batch)

    Cusack Tap-a-Delay

    Cusack Tap-a-Phase

    A Bunch of the First and Second Series Danelctro Cool Cats

    EHX Ravish Sitar

    Guyatone MO5 Micro Octave

    Guyatone Mighty Micro Chorus

    Redwitch Titan Delay

    Moog Little Phatty Stage II (the keyboard synth, obviously)

    I also have a set of Paiste Dark Energy cymbals if someone is interested.


    Like a lot of people, my original user name (CMLOEFFLER) wasn't accessible to me.  However, Phil O'Keefe, Jon Chappell, and Craig Anderton know me well and can vouch.




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    pm sent.


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      pm sent.

      good deals with: Framushead- Thelivingdead- DEGA500-kwik69-firebrand-raintes-macgaj3-RCSloan- 100watt- the recluse


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        How much you want for the Tap-A-Delay? I don't know how to send PMs.