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    Selling Morpheus Droptune pedal with power adapter. Manufacturer's specs and description are below. In a nutshell, it is very useful and tracks well when using it for 1/2 to 1 full step down. When you start to go lower it works but the sound starts to get a bit more wonky the lower you go. For for 1/2-1 step though it's a wonderful tool. Includes power adapter and it has the 1.2 Firmware update already installed. The company is now out of business and the pedal is out of production, demand, and prices seem to be creeping up. $140 shipped and PP'd in the USA. Please email with any questions or interest. Thanks.

    With the Morpheus Droptune guitar effect pedal, you can easily go from one pitch for a particular song to a different pitch on the next without having to retune your guitar or needing multiple guitars for various step-down de-tunings.

    For example, play an E chord in standard tuning, then use this unique pedal to drop tune your guitar so the chord is changed to an Eb, D, Db, C, B, Bb, or A.

    This lets guitarists get that heavy drop-tuned tone at different pitches without dealing with floppy string buzz, extra-heavy-gauge strings or carrying around expensive extra guitars. The same goes for foam-deadened acoustic guitars or electric violins.

    If your singer has a bad throat night, you can drop-tune your guitar to accommodate him without having to change neck position or retune.

    The Morpheus DropTune guitar pedal also features effect-toggling so you can instantly toggle back and forth between the dropped pitch and the EFFECT OFF for a cool up/down pitch-shift effect during solos or power chord rhythm patterns. Additionally, the DropTune pedal has Full Octave Drop and a great-sounding Octaver.

    Don't mistake this for a mere pitch-shifting stompbox