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FS/FT: Malekko Spring Chicken, EHX HOG, T1M Looper


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  • FS/FT: Malekko Spring Chicken, EHX HOG, T1M Looper

    Electro Harmonix Harmonic Octave Generator HOG - $375
    Pretty good condition, has a few scratches and velcro. Does not have the box but does have the power adapter. Does not include the adapter or foot controller. These are now discontinued as far as I know. Very cool octave pedal just too big and does more than I need for use on my gigging board.

    Malekko Spring Chicken - $300
    Discontinued, in good condition, comes with box, has velcro. This is the standard pink one. Very cool reverb, but I am basically only using my Flint for gigs because of the added versatility. But the SC is probably the best spring tones I've heard other than in a Fender amp.

    This1sMyne True Bypass Looper - $200
    It features a built in E3D, Mini Solo Boost, input buffer, 3 loops and a master bypass switch, works awesome, but I'm not gonna use it now that my Modfactor is sold. Avoid the wait and get an awesome looper.


    Not looking for much in trade, Bogner Ecstasy Blue is at the top of the list though, but feel free to try other offers as well.

    Looking to sell:
    Boss OD-2 - shipping plus whatever
    Electro Harmonix HOG - $375 (does not have foot controller or expression)
    Malekko Spring Chicken - $300
    This1sMyne Custom Looper - $200 (PM if you want details)

    Good deals with: knives490 (x2), telechuck, tinypants, Whenboysetsfire, AngelofHop, Keevun, devnulljp, pk1fan, mrmjp, StopReferencing, aporcelainsky, twangr, Matt Howell, solewheelin, GibsonVMan, Steve@Russo, jmiller475, & ibanez_dude