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  • FS: Lot of pedals Standard/Boutique/Rare

    D*A*M, Colorsound, Fulltone, Dr. Scientist, Analogman, Pigeon FX, Basic Audio, Creepy Fingers, Castledine, Pigdog, Swart, Ibanez, Dunlop, and More!

    I have a bunch of pedals I need to sell.

    *Free Shipping within the States
    International buyers pay actual costs.
    Paypal only, reduced price for gift (Please Ask)

    No trades at this time.
    Feel free to ask questions or request pictures.
    Prices are firm.

    All pedals are in working condition with minimal wear unless otherwise noted*
    Kept in Clean Studio, never gigged.

    Pigeon FX MKI - OC-75/TI2G381, Mustard caps, Hunts/phillips Repro Nice Folded MKI Gold enclosure- *Needs a simple solder repair (came undone while taking pictures) *Warranty is good, can send to builder for repair then to buyer free of charge* NOW $old

    Pigeon FX MKI

    Pigeon FX Ram's Head - 2N5133, nice repro enclosure and vinyl decals includes extra battery plate, Seen/Heard Here $185 NOW $OLD

    The Pigeon FX Pedals can also be seen here - Pigeon FX

    Ibanez TS-7 - Great Shape $50 NOW $OLD

    Ibanez TS-7

    Basic Audio Custom Throbby - One of a kind custom trem in wah enclosure, Treadle controls speed. Custom Steam Punk Asthetic, Sounds amazing. Knob controls Depth, Switch Controls Speed range. Brand New, Never used $350 NOW $325

    Basic Audio Throbby

    Dunlop Rotovibe - Box/Papers, comes with homemade wood mounting plate - $145 NOW $135

    Dunlop Rotovibe

    Dunlop 535Q Wah - Included Stompin' Ground Bottom Plate for pedalboard installation, With Original box/manual - $100 NOW $95

    Dunlop 535Q Wah

    D*A*M Professional MKII #366 - Custom gold OC-75, One of the Last D*A*M MKI's Made, Box/Papers/ect., Mint - Now SOLD

    DAM Professional MKII

    Colorsound WOW Pedal #8 (designed by Castledine) - Box/papers Seen/Heard here The New Color of Solasound - $400 NOW $390

    Colorsound Wow Pedal

    D*A*M Super Bee GE #10 of 10- Box/Papers/ect., Rare color combination, Limited NKT 213 Germanium Version, Mint - $400 NOW $OLD

    DAM Super Bee NTK

    D*A*M Red Rooster RR-09- 2 of 10 Box/Papers/ect., Rare color combination, Seen Here - Sold

    DAM Red Rooster

    Fulltone Supa-Trem - Box/Papers, one small chip in paint - $OLD
    Fulltone Supa-Trem 

    DR.Scientist Reverberator #586, Box/Papers, With Rotory Selection $220 NOW $210

    Dr. Scientist Reverberator

    DWJ Jfet Booster - #001 Western Swinger Seen/heard here, Brand new. $250 NOW $230

    DWJ Booster

    Analogman Peppermint Fuzz #580- Box/papers/bag, on/off knob - $old

    Analogman Peppermint Fuzz

    D*A*M TB-00 - Rare #11 of 12, Box/Papers/ect., Seen Here TB-00 - NOW $OLD

    DAM TB-00

    Fulltone Ultimate Octave #2687 - Box, mint - $150 NOW $140

    Fulltone Ultimate Octave 

    CAE Line Driver - Box/Papers - Seen here - *$OLD

    Hudson Heavy Soul - #4 of 4, Box/papers - Seen here - *$OLD

    Creepy Fingers Custom Creepy Face - Switchable pregain section, Very nice cleanup - $OLD

    Creepy Fingers Creepy face

    Pigdog Mini Driver- Mullard Yellow Jacket OC-44, Box/Papers/Ect., Beautiful Build - $old

    Pigdog Mini Driver

    Castledine Supra-Vibe - Mint, Box/Papers, Amazing Uni-Vibe - $old

    Castledine Supra-Vibe

    Ibanez OD-850 - Info/Pics here

    Ibanez OD-850 - $345 NOW $335

    Swart Atomic Boost - Box/papers, Mullard OC-44 glass - $old

    Swart Atomic Boost

    Some additional Pictures can be found here Pedal Sale Pictures

    More will be added later...

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    Supa-trem pic added.

    Mini driver sold.
    Electro-Tone Music


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      Peppermint Fuzz Sold.

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    Electro-Tone Music