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FS/FT: EHX, Tech 21, BBE, DigiTech, Korg, Boss, DOD


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  • FS/FT: EHX, Tech 21, BBE, DigiTech, Korg, Boss, DOD

    Eleven different pedals for sale here! All prices listed include shipping within the CONUS. Being the studio rat I am, these pedals haven't seen more than one or two gigs at most on my board. I'd rather only work with Paypal. 

    First, Digitech Whammy 4. Four small scratches just under the footswitch, but otherwise clean. Velcro on the bottom, power supply included. Price: RETURNED TO BOARD $100 Picture:

    Next, Boss BF-3 Flanger. Clean pedal with no noteworthy marks. Velcro on the bottom. Price: SOLD!!! $60 Picture:

    Korg Pitchblack. An old standard, no noteworthy scratches or marks. Price: SOLD!!! $40 Picture (the weird line right above the readout is a reflection of a twist tie):

    EHX Iron Lung Vocoder. Fun pedal, like new with box, manual, all the standard goodies, rubber feet still on the bottom. Price: $100 Picture:

    BBE Mind Bender. Switchable analog chorus/vibrato. Like new condition, comes with original box, power supply, velcro on the bottom. Simple, useful chorus pedal on both guitar and bass. Price: $80 Picture:

    Boss OC-3 Octaver. Tracks very well, some more interesting tones out of this box. Quite clean, velcro on the bottom. Price: $55 SOLD!!!Picture:

    EHX Bass Big Muff. Needs no explanation, a bass player's staple. Very clean, no noteworthy marks. Price: $60 Picture:

    BBE Opto Stomp. Original version with the -15 db pad switch. Simple, transparent compressor that gets the job done pretty darn well. Clean, velcro on the bottom. Price $75 SOLD!!!Picture:

    Sansamp Bass Driver DI. Another bass player's staple, combine with the BBM for some colossal tones. Velcro on the bottom, comes with the original tin. No noteworthy marks. Price: $120 SOLD!!! Picture:

    EHX Switchblade. Due to the cost of this pedal, I will only sell it as an add on with another pedal otherwise shipping and paypal fees make it cost prohibitive on my end. No marks or scratches, velcro on the bottom and original box. Price: $20 Picture:

    DOD FX25B. Few small scuffs, nothing crazy. Ships in the original box with rubber back. Price: $30SOLD!!! Picture:


    Run anything by me, the worst I could say is no. That said, a list of pedals I am actively looking for:

    MXR Bass Compressor
    MXR Analog Chorus
    Line 6 M5
    Empress Multidrive
    Boss LS-2
    Any type of basic expression pedal

    Pedaltrain Pro

    Willing to add/accept cash to even out trades. 

    If you're wanting more pictures, have any other questions, or want to run a trade by me, feel free to shoot me a PM!

    I spend more of my time on TalkBass so if you'd like to check out my buy/sell feedback over there here's a link:


    Good deals: framushead

    Link to my Talkbass feedback (more good deals):

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    Price dropped on the Whammy and Iron Lung!

    Good deals: framushead

    Link to my Talkbass feedback (more good deals):