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FS/FT: tech 21 sansamp classic and ehx small stone v2


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  • FS/FT: tech 21 sansamp classic and ehx small stone v2

    Couple guys for sale today. I have these on multiple forums/pages and am selling locally so they might not be on here for too long. Both pedals function exactly as they should and have never given me any grief in the time I have had them. They both have also never been gigged and have lived a chill life in my home studio.

    Tech 21 sansamp classic :: $190
    Very sophisticated overdrive/distortion. I actually found this in the back of an amp that I bought a year ago. It's a great pedal and its super handy in a studio setting, I am just looking for something different

    Electro harmonix small stone v2, vintage :: $100
    Powerful, liquidy phaser. A unique sound for sure. Bought it on a whim and then came to realize its not what I really wanted in a phaser. That being said, it's a fierce little dude and I'm sure i'll regret selling it one day.

    Prices include shipping. Willing to negotiate. I would love to work out a trade. Down for partial trades or throwing some cash in on my end to make a good deal

    Things I am looking for:
    Moog ring mod
    Boss ps3
    Earthquaker devices grand orbiter, rainbow machine
    Fulltone ultimate octave
    Good overdrive
    Whacky fuzz things
    Just whacky things in general

    I'll send pics on request, but these dudes are in 8/10 cosmetic condition and work perfectly.

    Thanks bo hit me up

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