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FS: Digitech Valve FX guitar processor


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  • FS: Digitech Valve FX guitar processor

    Digitech Valve FX guitar signal processor-tube $135.00 plus actual shipping charges. the little brother of the GSP 21xx line. really hate to part with this one, but my musical style evolved and im not looking for the metal or grunge sounds anymore. perfect operating shape, cosmetic 8.5-9/10.
    Display is very bright and crisp, not faded like a lot of these got over time. all lettering is very legible and not worn off.
    does not have original knobs. these were gone when i got it so i put knobs on that fit. if you really want the original knobs they can be found on the net for around ten bucks for all 3 of them. These boxes are amazing.
    pics on the way

    ================================================== =================================
    Update---Please read
    All pictures are of the items im selling
    i dont have any reviews or feedback on here, but all my gear i have either had for years, or got on that big auction site everybody loves to hate, (with over 250 positive feedbacks including seller) or from a big online retailer of used gear. im not out to rip anybody off, so the general impression that if there are no transaction on here, its a warning sign, not always true. i can prove who i am to any extent necessary, prove my mdeical condition for validity if anybody needs that much information, and absolutely have to sell this stuff to finish paying for my motorhome. im selling good quality gear for reasonable prices. have packed and shipped hundreds of items through the years and never had anything damaged ever.
    I have 2 weeks to have everything sold and be moved out of wher i live now and moved into my motorhome. Im in a pretty desparate, legitimate pickle.

    I have to sell off most of my gear for health reasons. terminal lymphatic cancer.
    i live about 100 miles from treatment location, and cant find a place that will let me keep my dog. so moving into a motorhome. not much space, so everything
    except for a small rack is up for sale. i will consider reasonable offers but please no lowballers. all gear is first come first served. i will take paypal and postal money orders. I'll clearly list any defects, problems or known issues.

    if you have any questions feel free to contact me. will give ph# to serious buyers.

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    Adding pictures


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      Is the valve fx unit still available for sale? Ready to buy.


      • Trem Luber
        Trem Luber commented
        Editing a comment

        I have the same processor for sale too if this one is already sold.  I replaced the flimsy plastic knobs with metal ones.  If interested, will post photos, references, etc. 

        I have the manual, put a new 12AX7 in it, and it's been rack stored.

        Apologies to the OP...I'm just offering a replacement item if yours has already been sold....



        Trem Luber

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      Hey, Sorry about the C. It's happening to alot of people that I know, and it sucks! Good luck w/your treatment! I am definitely interested in the Valve FX. I already have one that I've had for almost 15 yrs, but don't like to take it out of my small home studio to practice space. I have other pedals and boxes, but they don't even come close sound-wise; #56 Thick & Juicy w/ some miner edits. It's absolutely crucial to my rhythm guitar style. So here I am. Your price is more than reasonable, but I'm not sure what to do about paying you. I live in Illinois/NW suburbs(Palatine). My phone # 847 951 6035. I don't know how to this by credit card, but don't have any real objection to doing so if I'm sure about security. I could do money-order, or if your close just pay you in cash. I'm not very experienced in buying directly online. I'm serious about the piece, and don't have a problem w/price. If there is some way to do this, please e-mail or call me direct. E-mail:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Thanx! D.S.


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        Hey again, It's the guy from Palatine again. I have to withdraw offer for now. Just found one on e-bay and bought it instantly and easily. But, I wouldn't mind having a 2nd back-up and your price was fair, so I may contact you again. Didn't want to leave you hanging. Thanx again.