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FS: 1990 Ibanez RBM10 Voyager

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  • FS: 1990 Ibanez RBM10 Voyager

    Moving in August and looking to sell my vintage 1990 Ibanez RBM10 Voyager. Made famous by the '80s prog-metal band Winger, this particular guitar is a Japanese original Ibanez and was on the first line of production in 1990. Previously owned by professional player (strap button was customized to better location, but otherwise unaltered).

    Instrument has been unused and in a hard case for the past eight years, recently appraised (< 1 month) and inspected for any damage. Pickups, etc all working fine - sounds great & is in excellent condition, ready to rock. Love this thing but we can't take it with us. Hoping to find it a good home. Valued at $600, taking offers. Willing to ship if outside Cleveland.

    Thanks for looking!