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2005 Fender American Ash Telecaster (8502)(two-tone)


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  • 2005 Fender American Ash Telecaster (8502)(two-tone)

    This beautiful two-tone burst American Ash Telecaster (the "8502") is in excellent condition. The headstock, neck, electronics, pickups, hardware, etc. are all "mint". There is one ding on the body in the forearm area that did go through the finish, but it does not detract from the guitar feeling "mint." I don't even notice the ding while playing or looking at the guitar. The "U" shaped neck is gorgeous, with the action set low and no buzzing. This model of tele has excellent alnico 3 "Modern Vintage" pickups, that are similar (but superior IMO) to the '52 tele and Nocaster pickups. This guitar also has the "Delta Tone" feature, rolled fretboard edges, a round string tree, and chrome-plated brass saddles. The guitar seems to weigh a bit less than 8 pounds. It is lighter than most 8502s I have had. I verified the 2005 birthday with Fender customer service. Only reason for sale is that I have two 8502, and one must go. This one comes in its original hardshell case with a fresh bag of case candy (including manual, strap, some allen wrenches, cloth, etc.), for $750 shipped and paypal'ed. johnnyqb (511) at eBay. More pix at http://s78.photobucket.com/albums/j98/johnnyqb/American%20Ash%20Telecaster/

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      any interest in a straight trade for a 97 fender jazzmaster? has seymour duncan SM2 pickup upgrades, sunburst finish, whammy bar. everything works great on it. it's in real good condition I have a hardshell also. let me know.


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        I should have included this in the first message haha. but here is a link to pics of the jazzmaster and the case and i also have pics of a '07 fender mustang in there just to let you know. www.geocities.com/joshcabob/pics/


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          I sold the guitar. Thanks anyway.


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