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For Sale - 1998 USA Peavey Wolfgang Special - Custom Striped


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  • For Sale - 1998 USA Peavey Wolfgang Special - Custom Striped

    1998 USA Peavey Wolfgang Special - Serial #91010995 $950.00

    Originally Ivory, this Wolfgang Special was custom striped by Mike Palmer, the original owner, for me in 2000. All original hardware, and professionally setup by Zolla Guitars in San Diego after being painted. Note: This is *not* a professional paint job, like what you would see on the Charvel Art Series. It is, however, a quality paint job that's very close - there are 10 layers of clear coat over the base red and stripes. The stripe pattern is highly accurate, and the overall look (and sound) is fantastic. The guitar has very low hours of playing time on it, so the frets.fretboard are in great shape. The fretboard itself could use some cleaning, as it shows the typical wear associated with these unfinished maple necks. The truss rod, d-tuna, and bridge are all in great shape as well

    Includes the original Peavey hardshell case, fret protector, tools, tremolo arm, inspection checklist, and operating guide. I'll also include a set of Ernie Ball 5150 strings, and the Wolfgang Special promotional foldout for the winning bidder.

    If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

    Price is $950.00. Will ship via UPS Ground (insured) for $50.00.

    I hate to let it go, but I'm relocating to Florida, and really need to cut down on some of the guitars that don't get played very much. I'm trying to *cut down* on equipment, so I'm not interested in any trades at this time.

    Hopefully some EVH fan will give it a good home.

    - Adam (apowers_3@hotmail.com)

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    I'm just a few hundred lessons away from being a great guitar player.......


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      Sorry about that... I'm asking $950.00. I edited the original post as well.


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        Man, nice looking axe. Wish I could afford it.
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            The Wolfgang sold this weekend. Thanks for everyone's interest.

            - Adam