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USA super strat, handmade, Walnut body, curly maple neck, duncans/gotoh, trade/sale


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  • USA super strat, handmade, Walnut body, curly maple neck, duncans/gotoh, trade/sale

    I need to get rid of this guitar,ebay : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&i tem=300309547347

    copy and pasted from C-list ad :

    Fresh from my shop here in Virginia, hand-crafted by me (Internationally Certified Luthier).

    1 11/16'' nut to 2 3/16'' heel with an extremely tight hand shaped neck pocket.

    3-piece grain flipped quartersawn curly hard maple neck

    12'' radius, 24 fret 25.5'' scale length Indian Rosewood fretboard

    two piece, center-seam Black Walnut body

    One volume, One tone, threeway switch, all switchcraft.

    Gotoh/steel hardtail string thru bridge

    gotoh tuners

    hand cut bone nut

    RG-inspired shape, reverse headstock for increased lows and tighter highs.

    Seymour duncan JB/Jazz pickup combo.

    oversized strap buttons

    Control cavity will be made from walnut, rosewood, or maple, youre pick, the rosewood one is strictly for show.

    Action is 3-5/64'' at the 12th fret, excellent intonation, no fretbuzz, hand filed/polished frets.

    Oil finish to let the wood breathe, sanded up to 16,000 grit.

    has a good bit of carving, belly carve, AANJ carve, extended elbow carve, both horns are scalloped/carved.

    Medium-weight, huge sustain, big fat tone : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-5EYIQvQ-c

    More pictures of finish product and building process :


    I am asking 700 (price down from 950), hardcase is an extra 50. comes with life-time free maintenance, non-transferable. Free setups, etc., buyer is to pay all EXPENSES.

    Trades : Only high dollar items, mesa amps, gibson guitars, whatever i could sell to get what i need for the guitar. only single items please, no "bundles"

    I also do custom work, custom guitars start at 1,000.

    HCAF's resident meathead.

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    HCAF's resident meathead.


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      Man...still got this on sale?!?! Its such a sweet guitar. I would buy it if I could afford your price. Free bump!



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        no one will buy it despite a 3 day trial period and lifetime maintenance/warranty. im hoping to get a nice trade for it, i'd be happy to take one of your boogies off your hands haha. thanks for the positive feedback man.
        HCAF's resident meathead.


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          I just got a Mercury Magnetic transformer mod on my Nomad too man. Sounds oh so sweet. HEY AWESOME BAND!!!



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            i bet it does, i had a dc-5 that blew me away once, but it only cost me 400 dollars, and i put it on ebay for 800 and sold it in 20 minutes, damn my greed.
            HCAF's resident meathead.


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              Your avatar is VERY distracting.
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                That is one sweet guitar, a shame nobody will buy it, just goes to show how hard pressed people are for cash these days. I'm not a big fan of reverse headstocks ( strictly a visual preference ) but I'm so in favor of small luthiers like yourself and the work you do, if I had the cash right now instead of 20+ guitars I'd take it off your hands.
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                  haha, thats why im more down for trades than straight cash. its must easier for me to sell a gibson, and the customer isnt out any money. everyone wins.
                  HCAF's resident meathead.


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                    Someone trade me for my MIM Lonestar Strat lol. Man I wouldve love that tele you had on ur myspace with the quilt everything!!!



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                      never thought i'd say this...but...

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