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Brian Moore I9F - premium shredder on the cheap!


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  • Brian Moore I9F - premium shredder on the cheap!

    Massive high-res picture gallery here (click the zoom icon to the right of the pictures to male them bigger):


    For those of you with a secret desire to get your shred on, or for those of you who want a 'swiss army knife' guitar to cover all the bases - here's a great choice. This is a Brian Moore I9F; my particular guitar is one of the first of the I2000 series that were built. This was the top of the line for bolt-ons in this series - this one was built in Korea, and shouldn't be confused with the later Chinese built I1000 series.

    Now to the details - this one has a mahogany body with a flame maple cap and a rather unique top carve.(the flame top is fairly rare, as most later versions of this model had a quilt top). Unique upper bout mounted input jack and strap button - easy to keep your cord out of the way! Slim neck profile with abalone dots, and tall, narrow fret wire (very little wear on mine). Licensed, recessed Floyd Rose is currently set up to float, but I also have a small block you can mount in the trem cavity if you want to dive bomb only.

    Great pickups as well, as this one has all Seymour Duncans - a JB in the bridge, Alnico II pro single in the middle, and an Alnico II Pro humbucker in the neck. Both the volume and tone controls are push-pull pots that will separately split either humbucker - some very convincing Strat tones are in here. Mine also comes with a really nice Brian Moore hardshell case.

    Almost perfect condition - the one thing that stops if from being mint is the dreaded neck pocket finish crack. As this thing is shaped very similar to Ibanez's 'S' series, it's also susceptible to the same kind of poly coat cracks at that point. It's been there almost from the beginning - I've checked and rechecked over the years, and the crack is finish only. I've got it set up with almost stupidly low action with 10's - probably the easiest playing guitar that I've ever owned.

    Oh, and the color looks funky in some of the pictures - it's charcoal grey even though it looks brownish (or even purpleish!) in some of the photos

    Here's Brian Moore's own web page for this model: http://www.iguitar.com/i2000/i2000Models.asp?guitar=i9f . Original list on this model was $1,495 - Musicians Friend carried it until it was discontinued at about $1,100, but most other dealers were selling them in the $900 range (which is probably why this line was eventually discontinued - it's a killer guitar, but $900 is a tough sell for any Korean built axe)

    How about we cut that exactly in half - $450 shipped/Paypalled lower 48. No trades for now (other than possible another Reverend for my stable..................)

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    Hey, I've got a few questions. I definitely like to shred, but can it do jazz/blues/general clean sounds? And is it really gray? It's hard to tell...Thanks, and have a great day!



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      Think I'm going to try and take some indoor pictures - it really is gray!

      It has some great clean sounds - the neck pickup is very clear and articulate, though it's not really a 'woman tone' type pickup. Split it does a nice strat neck sound. The JB in the bridge is a hot pickup - good crunch in humbucker mode, and more of a tele style twang when split.

      For those wondering about the neck, the profile is more rounded than an Ibanez Wizard style neck, but it's still thin front to back. Also, it's very stable - temperature changes really have no effect on the relief


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        Bump for you. Its a great guitar. I have a 7 string i9 I'm looking to unload. These instruments are fantastic


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            OK - price is now $425

            Also, I can add a little cash for the right trade.


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              Gorgeous! Wish I could talk you into my Tele....

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                i really want this. it's tempting. :-/
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                  Check out my spam thread for possible trades. Maybe multiple pedals or you could put this toward one of the guitars or amps?
                  Good deals: 300+ between HC/TGP... honestly, if you're reading this, I've probably traded with you at one point or another


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                    Cool stuff! Just not exactly what I'm looking for right now.

                    I am looking for a Jazzmaster, though (yes, I can add some cash)


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                      Free Bump


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                        Done gone to the 'Bay! - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=230361241349


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                          I might cancel the auction for the right trade bait!


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                            Bump it up..............................


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                              Get back to me soon...shoping around.