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Washburn J8 Memphis Black/Gold


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  • Washburn J8 Memphis Black/Gold

    It's GOTTA GO !!


    I've been without a job since last June, and in the process of moving and I sold the Blues Classic amp a few months ago.

    Washburn J8 Memphis ( Black w/Gold trim)

    I bought this NEW in late 1999 or early 2000 for 949.00 and picked up a used hard shell case for it and I have touched it maybe a dozen times, and know I have less that 10 hours of time playing it.

    I moved to Montana in Oct 2000 and put everything in climate controlled storage with United Van lines here in town (Beloit, WI)

    I figured I would try to post it here first, for real ethanusiasts...looking for a nice guitar...last resort will be Ebay...

    Thx for looking,