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  • Guitar parts for sale

    I've got some guitar stuff I've collected over the years and don't really need at the moment.
    Parts & pieces for electrics, basses, acoustics & tube amps priced for the budget-minded hobbiests and DIYers.
    Also some rare vintage & hard to find stuff for collectors.
    Alot more stuff will be added as I've got countless boxes yet to go through, so keep checking back.
    All parts listed are used unless specified such as NOS.

    More to come.

    [COLOR="Red"]PM me with any info or any requests, I might have it. I'm in the Los Angeles area.
    Thanks for looking!

    Strat & LP style guitar necks (maple/rosewood) $40 and up
    Guitar bodies (various styles mostly strat type) $25 and up
    60's EKO-style scroll bass neck w/ orig tuners $50
    60's EKO/Vox neck plates, some w/ SN some without NOS $25 each
    60's EKO black truss rod covers NOS $15 each
    60's EKO hang tags mint NOS $10 each
    70's Univox/Aims p-bass maple neck $30
    Strat style tremolos $10-25 each
    Vintage trapeze tailpieces for hollowbodies various $20-up
    Strat-style single coil pickups w/wht covers $5-10 each
    Strat/Tele style neck plates chorme $5-10 each
    Strat style white pickgaurds $5-up each
    Economy Strat 6 in line tuners new $8 set
    Early 90's Squier II loaded strat body blk relic looking $50
    Waterstone Les Paul style set neck guitar never assembled NOS $125
    Bass tuners various types $10-up per set
    Les Paul style pickgaurds wht or blk $5 each
    Les Paul type humbuckers econo $10-20 each
    EMG, Duncans, DiMarzios pups various $25-up each
    Fender '52 reissue black bakaliteTelecaster pickgaurd NOS $30
    63 Fender Champ cab only, tweed-style in orig blk tolex rare variant $300
    64 Fender Mustang Vibrato Plate $50
    74 Fender Stringmaster pickups set of 2 $100 pair
    70's-early 80's Gibson Pat. No. PAF humbucker NOS $100
    60's Gibson gold reflector knobs set of 3 for $75
    50's Gibson Kluson sinlge line strip tuners for LP Jr. $125
    60's Gibson B-25 acoustic size brown aligator case $75
    62 Grover Rotomatics complete set 3-in-line $200 set
    62 Gretsch Twist Corvette Knobs rare $100 pair
    60's Guild reissue humbuckers matched pair NOS $100 set
    60's Guild reissue bass pickups matched pair NOS $100 set
    50's Harmony Stratotone case for set-neck model only, rare $100
    60's Harmony Rocket pickup $100
    60's Kay speed bump pickups 3 avail $75 each
    60's Danelectro bass bridge plate $75
    Mosrite Ventures pickup covers blk NOS $40 pair
    Univox original tuners and knobs for phase 4 Hi-flier $25
    70's Peavy T-60 humbucker $30
    Epiphone Thunderbird bass pickup $30
    Jackson Dinky neck w/locking nut $60
    Jackson humbucker $25
    Jackson neck plate w/ serial number $25
    B.C. Rich neck plates w/ serial number $25 each
    Early 70's Yamaha Nippon dreadnaught case $75
    Vintage & NOS Fender amp logos various eras $10-75 each
    Vintage reverb tanks for Fenders, Ampegs etc. $20-40 each
    Fender Blackface Showman faceplate $40
    Fender original silverface faceplates various models $25-40 each
    70's Acoustic 4x12 cab unload $30
    70's Peavy 2x15 cab $75
    Various vintage and used FX pedals $10-up

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    Looking for a chrome bigsby trem for an archtop LP style guitar.
    Good Deals with: ljplum12, ejawd, kvu39564, etepbbb
    Ibanez JEM 7VWH
    Heartfield Talon
    Washburn WM-100
    Peavey USA Preadator
    Washburn CT-DLX
    Kramer USA Classic I
    Ibanez Artist W/Kahler
    Carvin VL100
    RK Custom Tube Preamp
    Peavey Classic 50/50 Poweramp
    Marshall JCM800/1960A


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      Any pics of the strat bodies/necks and any more info on the dimarzio and SD pickups?


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        Price/info about the tele bridge and the bigsby?


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          I've Done a Lot of Trades and Sells
          With Eric, Over The Years.

          He Has Always Been Fair, In Our Deals.

          If You Need Something,
          Probably, It Would Be Best To PM Him.

          He Has Mass Gear!

          Lots Of Necks, Body's and Parts.

          Reputable, Buyer, Seller, Trader!

          My HC Classified Thread



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            PM'd looking for Strat body and neck..