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FT: Vintage Marshall Cab, Upgraded Gibson SG, Traynor Bassmaster, OD Pedals, Pickups


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  • FT: Vintage Marshall Cab, Upgraded Gibson SG, Traynor Bassmaster, OD Pedals, Pickups

    I''m looking to update my rig for some different sounds and I've got a bunch of stuff to trade. All of it sounds excellent, I'm just after some different tones and such.

    I have 1998 Gibson SG Special modded to hell. This thing is played to hell. It's got a lot of wear (dings, buckle rash, a few small chips) but nothing structural. I put in a set of Gotoh Vintage style tuners, 50's style electronics (orange drop, cts, switchcraft), a Gibson '57 Classic in the bridge and a Duncan Phat Cat in the neck position. It's got a great fat SG style neck, comparable to a really good 60's era SG. Vintage rock tones abound. It could probably use a set up but it has a new set of 10s on it. Comes with TKL Hardshell case.

    I have a 70s Traynor Bassmaster (or Poorman's Plexi), recently recapped and retubed recently with a fresh set of Mullard style EL34s. I had a 60s Marshall style tone stack added as well as the proper pots added for the volume controls (Stock Traynors were WAY too bright). Also has a PPIV Master Volume for a little grit at lower volumes. In short: It's a nearly 40 year old JTM45 copy, handwired, point to point with an enormous Hi-Watt style (hammond) tranny.

    I have a 70s 1960 Lead Cab. It has some honest wear. One or tow of the plastic corner protectors could be replaced but nothing structurally wrong. A few dings and wear on the tolex and a small hole in the grille. This amp was played; Not abused. I am the second owner. It has the original 4 Marshall branded Celestion G12-65 "Blackback speakers" and they sound fantastic. Just like a creamy greenback but with more power. The speakers are very nicely worn in and will produce excellent "big" guitar tones with ease.

    I have an Epiphone 66 Wilshire Reissue. It's black has a few dings (nothing serious, it's in good condition) and a scratch on the back of the neck that was inspected by my tech to ensure it's nothing structurally wrong. It's a great guitar with electronics/pickups that can be compared to American guitars and hold their own. I'm only looking to get rid of this guy because I can't get used to the neck. Jangly cleans/bright gritty overdrive are the order with this guitar.

    In terms of pedals I have an Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer and a 1980 MXR Block Logo Distortion +. The MXR looks real beat up, but functions perfectly. Both pedals give warm overdrive of different flavors.

    I also have some pickups. I've got a 1979 Gibson T-Top Humbucker. It's got a bit of extra vintage style cable soldered/heat-shrinked on. It looks a little weird but functions perfectly and it will be stuck in your guitar anyways. Pretty low output for a bucker, however this thing has more definition than any HB I've played. It's almost got a Fender output level and some of the same shimmering highs. I also have a Harmonic Design Z-90 in creme for the bridge position. This was going to go into a guitar that I never got time to upgrade.

    I'm looking for a few things in particular and willing to combine items for the right prospect. In terms of guitars I'm looking for a Richenbacker 6 string or Gibsons with P90s such as an SG Classic, Les Paul Special, but really looking for SG and Les Paul Junior style guitars. I'm also looking for a Telecaster with a single coil bridge pickup and a maple fretboard. It can be a Tele Custom, Esquire, etc. I am also looking for smallish tube amps. Vox AC30s, Fender Deluxe Reverb, or a Marshall 18watt style amp. Ideally looking for a chimey, trebly combo amp.

    I don't have a camera but will find a way to arrange a viewing or answer questions over the phone. I'm not in a hurry to get rid of this as it all sounds wonderful, I'm just looking for a sound more a la the Stones than AC/DC.
    Good deals with: Hyphy Panther, flummox

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    Bump for an underrated tube monster and a hell of a cab.
    Good deals with: Hyphy Panther, flummox


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      Good deals with: Hyphy Panther, flummox


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        prices? or is this stuff for trade only?


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          Any of this still for sale ?????