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WTT: Two Exceptional Guitars for????


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  • WTT: Two Exceptional Guitars for????

    Here's what I've got:
    1-Carvin H2 Holdsworth (value at $1,000):
    It is a hardtail, semihollow alder body with a transparent, antique brown finish, quilted maple top, Holdworth PUP's, Sperzel's, black hardware, push-pull splitter. ebony board, 24 frets, and the case. It's just flat-out nice. Super light, easy to play seated or standing. Very loud un-amplified...sounds like a much bigger guitar. Pretty close to spotless. Not sure what else to add, but ask whatever you want.
    2-Fender Baja/Gatton Tele (value at $800):
    Fender Baja Telecaster Desert Sand, with a Fender 50's Esquire neck (maple w/ vintage tuners) and Joe Barden Danny Gatton pickups (about $300 a set). The Baja retains the original S-1 switching. One small dime-sized ding on the back that's been prof. filled (you can see it but barely feel it). Neck is beautiful vintage tint and has a sweet chunk to it. Minimal fretware and a Callaham string retainer (small screw hole where orig retainer was). Unusually resonant guitar unplugged; just one of those special ones. I picked through a pile of these necks until the right one hit the pocket. Interestingly some of the others ended up sounding amazing on other guitars.
    So, there you have it. I'd consider selling if you want to make an offer, but I'm really looking for that LP. I'll consider other offers (ES 335) or trading one of them for something especially intriguing. I play non-traditional blues, fusion, and jazz, so...please consider that when making your offer. Guitars only please unless you have a really sweet tube amp and you're in the Atlanta area...I know you don't want to mess with shipping a tube amp...right?
    Okay, so...pictures...here are some...I can take any specifics you'd like. Got a trade idea? Throw it down. Cash offer...make the shot. I am motivated, but I don't know if I'll stay that way...honest. There's no need to dump these, I just want to play with something else. Maybe you feel likewise.

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    Les Paul Std.
    Ceriatone OTS Dumble Clone...or equivalent.
    Twin Reverb or Super Reverb for one of these...you'll want to be local for those.