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F/S: Korina ( white limba) Moderne Clone project


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  • F/S: Korina ( white limba) Moderne Clone project

    here is all the details with lots of photos.

    Please read the whole thread carefully as the price changes.


    I've been building custom guitars for 33 years now. and I'm an ex-Gibson employee. My templates for these clones were taken from real Gibson made Heritage series Moderne parts made in 1983. I got them in 1993 when Gibson cleaned out one of its wharehouses. my boss gave them to me and I had them ever since. I do my very best to make these are accurate to a real heritage series Gibson Moderne as possible.

    when I build one complete, I sell them for 2495.00 with custom case.

    here is an opportunity to get a Moderne styled guitar thats built right for way less than a real one will cost you.

    feel free to ask questions or whatever. and I thank you for looking.
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