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FS/FT Squier P Bass

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  • FS/FT Squier P Bass

    I picked this up in a trade and don't really need it, as I already have a P Bass I really like and only moonlight on bass. I'm more of a gutiarist, so multiple basses isn't really helping me any.

    Not sure of the series or year, but it is not an Affinity, due to the body being make of real wood and being full thickness. It feels great, with some minor cosmetic dings and stuff. The pictures are posted from when I started messing with the thing, then lost interest. It need new strings (but the old set is on it now, and work for testing purposes).

    I previously posted this needing repair. It has been rewired with all new full size alpha pots, new ceramic capacitor and new switchcraft jack. It could use new strings, but is holding tune and working well. It's ready to go.

    As for the sale, I'm more interested in trading for effect pedals and microphones. I love oddball stuff, electro harmonix and boutique, or just strange effects. I'm pretty set on delays but offer anything else. Make me an offer. I have been hoarding gear for a while, and I'd like to move stuff I'm not using. My old stereo is fizzing out on me, so I'd be into a trade for a decent home stereo. The older the better, and I don't need more than two channels or high wattage. Vintage stuff would interest me very much. I can add a little cash for the right trade.

    Thanks all!

    I'd be happy to provide more pictures and answer whatever questions you have. I'm pretty flexible as trades go. I'm pretty spontaneous so offer me whatever music related stuff you have.

    I know there isn't a ton of value in stuff like this, so I'd prefer to trade. Make me an offer to buy outright though, if you are interested. Make sure with any offer to include a zip code and if you mind me shipping with the neck off.

    P.S. The Paisley isn't going anywhere
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