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USA Fender Telecaster - Very Rare Fiesta Red w/ Original Hardcase


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  • USA Fender Telecaster - Very Rare Fiesta Red w/ Original Hardcase

    MIA Fender Telecaster, in a pretty rare original Fiesta Red/Hot Rod Red finish. 100\% stock and includes original Fender hardcase. Fantastic shape for it's age with just very minor wear here and there that doesn't seem to show in pics as you can see. Just normal wear for a guitar over 10 years old. No major dings or issues period. Case is the original Fender molded version that comes with the MIA Teles and Strats.

    You rarely ever see these come up for sale, one of the hardest to find and most desirable tele colors ever released I am told. Not looking to make a dime, selling for what I got it for only to fund a Les Paul purchase. I have 5 teles so 1 or 2 have to go.

    Looking for $800 Shipped (You cover fees or pay as gift)

    Would trade for a Gibson SG Standard, 2012 MIA Fender Strat or a Mesa head (Lonestar Classic, Tremoverb, Mini Rec, 5:50, etc...)

    Couple pics for now, will gladly take more detailed ones if needed.


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