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FS/T: 1982 MIJ Ibanez Destroyer II DT400


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  • FS/T: 1982 MIJ Ibanez Destroyer II DT400

    This is a 31 year old guitar that I bought used. Apart from some scuffs and a couple dings, this guitar is in amazing condition. And considering that it's 31 years old, that's pretty amazing. This guitar has the Super 70 humbuckers, which Ibanez discontinued (because, like Fox Network, they just need to ruin good things ). Personally, I find them to be the last great pickups Ibanez ever manufactured themselves, but that's just my humble opinion.

    Anyway, the guitar has a red candy apple finish. It's still quite shiny. And a very important detail: before I purchased the guitar, it was professionally retrofitted with an original Floyd Rose tremolo. But make no mistake; it's not a licensed tremolo **bleep**, it's a quality part that's pretty expensive and difficult to install on a hardtail guitar. But it was done professionally, and let me tell you, this guitar looks sexy. It comes with a hardcase that I got it with. The case itself was custom fitted for the unique explorer body style of the much manlier sounding Destroyer II.

    If you have any interest, email me at amos_schorr@yahoo.com. But I get a lot of spam emails so please make the subject of the email "1982 Ibanez Destroyer II."

    In terms of what I'm willing to trade for, I'm kinda looking for a nice Guild acoustic to replace my DCE1 which was stolen, but I'm open to other offers of money and/or gear.

    Pics available upon request, but I won't waste my time unless there's legitimate interest.