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Help with values of these vintage instruments


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  • Help with values of these vintage instruments

    To make a long story short. I have a friend who has asked me to help her get values on several of her husbands guitars. He is in a nursing home and suffers from demetia among other health issues. She wants to use the proceeds for funeral expenses when the time comes.
    Now I have been there to get ser.#'s and some basic pics. I will need to go take better ones soon. All of these instruments need to be cleaned and restrung and have been played. These are natural relics, no mint or closet queen items.I've done some internet searching and have some info already. I'll start with some basics, here are some of the items she has

    1964 or 65 Martin Classical guitar with hard case (like Willie Nelsons without the hole <img src=" border="0" /> )

    1970 Martin D-18 with hard case

    1962 Fender Jazzmaster (not a reissue) with a unique case. Lots of natural wear on this one no trem bar

    Tacoma Papoose 6 string A/E travel guitar made in USA

    Fender Princeton amp best I can find is its a 1968-1970 model, missing logo

    1995-1996 MIM stratocaster red w maole neck no trem bar

    Ibanez Soundgear Bass new condition with gigbag

    Leas Paul COPY made in Japan black gibson style headstock no #'s or name except for serial #

    EKO 12 string made in Itally soft case

    Mitchell 12 string Model MD212 made in Korea

    Kent Banjo no # anywhere I can find

    A fiddle made by WB Joyner in Manchester Conn. 1938 "copy of Antonio Stratavaious model B680

    Any help or info will be appreciated. I'll post what pics I have later.
    AKA imograss

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    Insufficient data, but the Martins and Fenders probably have some real value depending a great deal on condition. But, original condition is always better than trying to "clean it up", so try to avoid the temptation. Searching for comparable "Completed Items" on eBay will give a real-world estimate of the going rate for your goodies. If you don't have a decent camera, you would be well advised to obtain one. Cellphone camera photos will result in low to zero interest, and clear, sharp, large, non-flash photos of all sides of the item will get you the best price.


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      Point taken. I didn't have alot of time to get much more than serial #'s and a few pics. The pics are mostly of the serial #'s . These will be for sale, and if she wants me to help her sell them I will get detailed pics and at least get the dust off of them.