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fs washburnx 200 pro v

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  • fs washburnx 200 pro v

    $275 shipped...

    The X200 is a favorite amongst hard rock & metal guitar players due to the smooth, lighting fast maple neck, incredible tonal versatility and tuning stability. Modern metal players especially love the Floyd Rose, so that when they drop down to B or C tunings - the guitar stays in tune throughout every chugga chugga. The Seymour Duncan pickups have plenty of bite and edge while still sounding full and rich. Perfect for rhythm or lead players, as both will benefit from the super smooth, fast neck.

        Lighting Fast Maple Neck
        Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Pickups
        Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo System
        Sleek Black Finish
        Discreet Fret Indicators

        Wasburn Gigbag

    washburn 002.JPGwashburn 003.JPGwashburn 001.JPG

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    Let me think about it. Someone is working out a deal with me at the time

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      trems aint for me bump... $250 shipped...

      Just jammin....

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