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    Help me get out of guitars! I really need to move in a different direction so everything I have left is going. This is probably the only thing I have to sell online, my partscasters and amps will be sold locally or given away. Anyway, I swear this guitar is as nice as the 3 79-80 Les Paul's I've owned. I'm having the three way switch replaced because the neck pup only works when split. Should be ready to go in a couple of days. All original besides the switch of course. Here's a pic and a link to a ton more. $350 shipped in one of those super nice fat Gibson gig bags.


    I one day hope to be the man my dog thinks I am.WORDS OF WISDOM FROM VARIOUS MEMBERS"most often the guitar will rise or fall to the level of the player""people overthink ****************""Sometimes you gotta know when to shut the **************** up and have a little class. Not you, you're special.""If it sounds good to you then it sounds good"The bull**************** and myths in the guitar world are stacked very high.

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    I can only see the pic with the squire....on the other link I just get the first page with the squire in parts and another LP style guitar....what is that one and is it for sale??

    Can you send a couple of pics of the epi and reply to this message at emmerwood@yahoo.com. Also you had a custom tele you should me 2 years ago...I'd love to have that if available.