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  • What happened to this site?

    Man, I guess HC is dead now...had a great 7 years here selling and buying.  I guess it comes to an end.  To all the members I sold or brought from, thanks, it was real!

    Great deals: bfloyd6969, smith10210, Lonnie99, hcprimerib, Wolfbane20, egorillad, orangekick, n'V'us, sfam198, MatrixClaw, tone7426, losyboy23, gearaholic, rok-en-rol, TraumaRN, atomaspired, dbrettw, arkohors, teleman, Erock503, petersenb9, ak47dragunov, Daveydude, DriveBy, Sinster, jtsbua, solidusgtr1, scottcrud, tonesfoyobones, Polk Salad, kensmith, EMGSTRAT, deaner33, woody96, stevestevens, jfarabee, ericguitargod, gabe15, kgraber...many more, can't fit them all!

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    I hear ya! Everything is terrible. I can't give anything away...the only luck is trading.

    Several Jacksons, ESP's, Charvels
    Gibson, Fender, Suhr & Ibanez
    BC rich, Agile
    Mesa Boogie MK IV /Wide body
    Mesa Boogie DC-5 /Wine Tolex
    Mesa Boogie 50/50
    Mesa Boogie 2/95
    2 Mesa 4X12 OS Rect Cabinet/Wine Tolex
    Bogner 4x12 Red Tolex
    Axe FX Ultra
    Axe Fx II
    Boss GT-10
    Line 6 Live XT
    Pa Gear
    Some studio gear


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      Does the old style harmony forum still up somehere ??? 

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    I think the OP is talking about how it's impossible to sell stuff here anymore, not the format change.  And he's right, unless you are giving it away, don't expect to move it in these classifieds.

    Tele, Gretsch, Les Paul, Jazzmaster > Diamond Comp > Micro POG (TU12 in Dry Out) > Voyager > TS808 > Morning Glory > Timmy > VP Jr > DD5 > Timeline > M9 > RV5 > Radial SGI to AC15tbx


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    Theres still a few of the solid folks left, but I swear every time I see something I might wants, its an ad from 2009 that some dumbass has bumped up- I can believe they didnt purge that crap, no wonder the old site was breaking down.
    Good deals with:
    FineYoungFool,adark_one,Gibson2687(x3)tubedrt,tomh 777,Koflan,hvymtl939,shy,dcindc,vangkm, Mr.Pocket,baja85,jjpistols,pinchegordo,Norton666,
    ny300percent.com,paulderlunas,Carbohydrates,GarysB lues,XMahkaihX,JeepDriver,Rokket2005,walleyealx,
    AlleyTrash,BigPimpin'T,frankthomson,Bengal,tobildt eleez,lkdog,slappymcfinkles,Mbomn8r,teleblaster, taylorman22,vidiot72,abrasive,heartben,fretnwail,
    downer01,bobonblonde, KingEdB,andrewemmel,solarpimp,tdepaul1313,kjrocks, suntired, RG 76


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      All good things come to an end!

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    Yeah, after that first "yellow and brown" revamp of HC a few years ago it lost tons of members.  This new site is a f'king disaster and should kill off the rest of any stragglers around here. 

    I mean seriously... no "thread reply" button at the bottom of a thread you are reading?  I have to scroll back to the top to reply?  Wow, my 4th grade son can design better UI than this.

    See you guys all over at The Gear Page!

    GOOD GUITAR SALES/TRADES WITH: Skyfish, Buggyman, Rick Stagola, Great Dane, Trainbridge, Letsgocoyote, Bonedaddy... and a few more I've probably forgotten. Many other trades on other forums as well with no problems.


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      Agree it sucks but there is a reply button on the bottom right of every post.Not sure what your looking at.