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WTT: Carvn H2 Holdsworth

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  • WTT: Carvn H2 Holdsworth

    Holdsworth Frt More Acc Color.jpgHoldsworth HS More Acc Color.jpgCarvin H2 Back.jpgI'm going to put this out there again. Just have some other things I would like and this is the way that makes the most sense for me. It's a re-post, so if it looks familiar...that's why. I'll re-post the pictures too.
    So...once again...I have this Holdsworth. I think it's a beautiful guitar, but I am not playing it. I can't say why, and if I don't trade it I am really going to make myself play it more...I just am.
    I will put some pictures up, but basically it is a hardtail, with a transparent, antique brown, quilted maple top, Holdworth PUP's, Sperzel's, black hardware, push-pull splitter. ebony board, 24 frets, and the case. It's just flat-out nice. Super light, easy to play seated or standing. Not sure what else to add, but ask whatever you want.
    So...if you've been thinking you might want one of these...here's one now.
    I have been looking at Les Paul Std.'s/Trad., Ibanez AS200's, Fender Esprits, ES335's, LP DC (chrome/nickel HW) but my ears are open. Let's talk (cash can go either way...depending). I play non-trad. blues, jazz and fusion stuff so no guitars that look like Halloween cookies please. Got a really cool tube amp? Maybe...but I hate shipping amps...you probably do to. That might be more realistic if you in the N. Atlanta GA area. Still...that's your call.
    Not desperate but there's some motivation to do this...it comes and goes. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. Okay...it's in the wind...let's see what happens!

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    Not sure why but the uploaded pictures look more reddish than the actual finish.  Also looks like a light streak on the fretboard on the high E on the first few frets...there is no mark on the board.



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      I have a  Gibson Les Paul BFG Gold Top p90 neck pickup and burstbucker bridge

      are you willing to talk trade

      email     thekapps116@comcast.net


      • jbear555
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        Re: Gibson Les Paul BFG Gold Top p90

        Not really my style but I do appreciate the offer.

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      How much cash would make this mine


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        If interested in a trade for a 2011 American Deluxe Stratocaster with n3 noiseless pickups and S1 switching in spotless condition with the OHSC check out my ad on page 2 under (AMERICAN FENDER FOR TRADE).)



        • jbear555
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          LP?  Std...DC...ES135...

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          Traded!  Whoooo Hooooo!

          Man I miss this guitar...sigh.  But...excited about a new honelburst Edwards E-L-98LTS!