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  • PRS, Brian Moore, Vigier, EB MM, Flaxwood

    Hey all - Im new here, but have done numerous deals on TGP and have a 200+ on ebay...

    All prices are obo and without shipping or pp fees - trades considered....especially for a LP Standard, Iced Tea - PRS 408 Rosewood, PRS Hollowbody w/ piezo, Suhr, Thorn, and Anderson - I dont have cash to add but will do a 2 for 1 - Ill also offer significant discounts on multiple purchases.

    1) PRS NF3 - Surf Green / Maple neck - Excellent condition, OHSC - $1450

    2) Brian Moore C90P (Synth ready...buy this one and ill throw in the Roland), good shape, OHSC - $1850

    3) Vigier Excalibur Shawn Lane Sig Ed - like new with the OHSC - $2200

    4) EB MM Albert Lee - Coral finish (discontinued color) HH with the rosewood neck, mint - OHSC - $1450

    5) Flaxwood Aija - Excellent Condition with the OHSC - people seem to love or hate these guitars....as a Luthier I want to not like it (they are made out of a natural fiber composite) but I gotta say...this is one of the best playing and sounding guitars to pass through my shop....extremely light and resonate - $1100

    As I said, Im new and still trying to figure out how to add pics..for now just email me..but all are in excellent condition and look like any stock photo you'll find. - Thanks!