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    Carvin Bolt...BlueBurst in color with Birdeye maple fretboard,plays like a dream....has a C22B in the Bridge,C22J in the Neck,sounds great clean and dirty and it is in pretty good shape other than a few timy knicks around the neck pocket,I have a hard case as well to go with it....Ill sell it for $525 shipped in the conus...it is a very cool playing/sounding guitar.Puts the USA Fenders to shame and looks better to boot....






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    • Yo_Squig
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      make me an offer I cant refuse.....killer strat here,just wanting something singlecut......

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    Perhaps a trade for an orginal release Agile AL3100 in mint condition?   Gotoh tuners, a fine tune bridge, and a solid piece of wood that plays incredibly!!

    Note the headstock is the original "open book".   Gibson made them change to the current headstock making this a "lawsuit" issue.  This guitar is perfect, but I am not a Les Paul guy.

    Stuff for Sale 001.JPG

    Stuff for Sale 002.JPG

    Stuff for Sale 003.JPG

    Stuff for Sale 004.JPG

    Attached Files
    Carvin Bolt HSS, '89 USA Jackson Vintage
    Carvin AC375 Acoustic, PRS SE Singlecut Korina
    Fender Telecaster (Esquire)
    Orange TH30C

    Barber Direct Drive,Boss NS-2,Mooer Shimverb,TC Nova Delay, BBE Boosta Grande, and
    H.A.M. Modded CS-3

    Most recent great deals with: tupelo son, cleverbastid, keebz, madsr, Fender Picker, Fuchs314, johnrambo, Matt Howell, RobertUI, Weathered, gtrmaestro, JimmyClark


    • Yo_Squig
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      bump.....would do a cash/trade deal for the Agile,but not an even swap.....but Carvin is still available for sale....