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US Masters/ Regenberg Avada SFT (with Kent Armstrong P90s)


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  • US Masters/ Regenberg Avada SFT (with Kent Armstrong P90s)

    US Masters/ Regenberg Avada SFT




    When US Masters wanted working musicians to discover their excellent guitars at the outset of the recession, they developed their performer line: instruments with all of the insane level of detail US Masters is known for with simpler shapes and less labor-intense finishes.  This Avada SFT is one of those guitars, and it's a BEAUTY.

    Avada SFT
    body: mahogany selected for light weight
    neck: rock maple, pao ferro fretboard
    electronics: Kent Armstrong p90s, 2 vol, 2 tone, 3-way switch
    weight: ~7lbs

    How's It Play?
    The neck is smooth and fits the hand naturally- the back profile is between a medium C and a chunky U, hard to describe but very comfortable.  Because of Regenberg's locking set neck joint, the body and neck vibrate together as a whole.  It's a VERY resonant guitar.

    How's It Sound?
    The combination of p90 pickups and mahogany body is a pretty well documented "magic combo" in rock and country music.  This guitar up the ante with a maple neck and pao ferro fretboard, which adds a little "zing" and articulation without ever being harsh.  The soapbars occupy that ideal middle ground between humbucker and strat-style single coils: fat and round with clarity.  Turn up the volume and there's attitude to spare.

    What Makes It Special?
    This is one of the last Avada SFTs made, and was special ordered with soapbar style pickups and a body selected for light weight.  The stain is deep and rich and the tactile wood grain feels very natural and organic under-hand while playing.

    What's Wrong With It?
    It's a pretty well cared for used guitar, but it is used.  There are a few little knucks along the edge, and one along the top.  Because of the varnish finish, the body will dent before chipping, so there are no "chips".

    What Come With The Guitar?
    The guitar comes with the original, heavy canvas, padded TKL gig bag and "case candy", including truss rod tool.


    GONE IN AN HOUR AT $475!

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    The least comfortable questions lead to the most important answers.

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    last chance at $475!

    The least comfortable questions lead to the most important answers.