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1958 USA Custom Shop LPR-8, & 4 sets of 11 strings FS/FT

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  • 1958 USA Custom Shop LPR-8, & 4 sets of 11 strings FS/FT


    Great trades/sales with the following HC members, in no particular order:
    61reissue, this1smyne, dogbone94, jnapruitt, gw348, 11justin22, mrlutton, XmahkaihX

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    that 58 is bada$$... i got one just like it and i can't say enough good about it.... those who know i have gone through alot of lp's... this one will be a keeper for someone for sure....

    the seller ain't half bad either... bumps for you....
    Just jammin....

    Check Out;


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      That single cut is sweet. Wish it had the tremo bridge.
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        that royal blue is stunning....
        Just jammin....

        Check Out;


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          sweet LP .. !
          Good Transactions : Walking3rds- Doctor Morbius x 2 - mmkco x 2 -Yavin x 2 - 59vampire -thevintagesound -Big Pimpin' T -
          2deaconblues - Dixie 10-8 -lfrz93-Florbastang-deadanddreaming-guillatool1-EdgeOvThorns-11justin22- steve_man-TheLivingDead-MoreGuitars--notesfield-ZombieCat-Clapton is God-

          Joe Ganzalse ......I'll get Joes user name & post him as a bad trader , he'll never use , the user name again anyway !

          thanks ..Kevin


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            I'll trade ya 5 sets of D'Addario .009's for your 4 sets of .011's.


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              What kind of trades are you looking for?
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              I think I can tell you what is wrong with you.
              You're a musician.

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                That blue 10-top looks awesome!

                I've got a couple on the block... let me know if we can work something out:
                Good Deal: Killa J, JW Van.


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                  How much for the Dean keychain? I lost mine.
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                    BEAUTIFUL les paul! I would if I had the cash! Free BUMP!

                    Check out my Les Paul Custom FOR SALE! out my Mesa Rect-O-Verb 50 Amp FOR SALE!