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  • Edwards LP for trade

    Got a edwards LP got a sd59 in neck and  a sh-5 custom in the bridge.  I'll put a link for pictures Its got some buckle rash on the back its a great player and in pretty good shape.  8 out of 10 i would say.  Looking for a gibson sg or prs mira or something with the sg shape or maybe an explorer.  I have a Hardshell case for it also.



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    • matt rhoades
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      Got some good offers so far anymore out there?

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    PM'd you.

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    • Tomis17
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      Oh for Pete's sake, how long is it going to take for you to get back to me? Please let me know what an outright sale would be?

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    I have a Edwards for sale if anyone is interested.It's "As New" -same color/finish I believe.I can't post here yet per the rules but it will be posted a few other places.Love the guitar but have my eye on something else and already own three other LP guitars.

    Mint condition with the ESP gig bag-sorry,no hsc but will be well packed.

    Contact me if interested.Thanks.


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      Apologies is I've stepped in on this thread but as the seller's Edwards has sold I just wanted  to any interested know I also have a Edwards Lp for sale also.I've reduced the price to $600 plus shipping - posting it on a couple other forums as well.

      My Edwards is now SOLD.



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