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  • US James Burton Tele, US Fender Tele (Nitro, OC Duffs), Buddy Guy US Strat, Parts...

    I still want that Gretsch! Help me get it, and get yourself some sweet gear

    Fender US James Burton Signature Telecaster, black & gold! Price Drop to $799 shipped!

    Bought this guitar recently. It does have some scratches in the back, along with a small piece of finish missing by the neck, and what appears to be a small crack below it. There is some finish wear on the neck, but again it has no impact on playing the guitar. It features all three original Lace Sensor pickups, and sounds great. Also comes with a Fender Tweed case. The case also shows some signs of wear, but is solid and protects the guitar adequately. It's not a guitar for a collector, but it's a nice solid guitar that plays great and looks awesome. I made several videos with it, like this one and this one, the latter a full review of the guitar. These sell normally for over $1200, but because of the wear mentioned - which does not affect the guitar when you play it, I might add - I lowered the price. I was planning on keeping this guitar, but... there's this Gretsch I simply *must* have!

    Here she is in the foreground:

    Fender US Telecaster, seafoam green! Price Drop to $745 shipped!

    This has become my #1 guitar in the past year. Originally built as a mod project for my website, I ended up loving her so much that I have been playing her ever since.

    The body is a US Fender Tele refinished in seafoam green nitro. The pickups are from OC Duff. The neck is a Warmoth, and the nut is an Earvana. Oh yeah, and the tuners are Sperzels locking tuners... It's all top of the line, people.

    $775 shipped to the CONUS. PRICE REDUCED

    See the entire build and all the hardware used more in detail here.

    Wanna hear what the guitar sounds like? Follow this link

    Fender Buddy Guy Strat, with hard shell case.

    Always wanted a Buddy Guy strat, but they don't make 'em like I want 'em. The US Series I can't find with the polka dot body, so I bought a MIM Fender Buddy Guy body, and built my own. I bought a US Fender Buddy Guy sig neck - with that glorious "V" shape - for $350. I installed three Gold Lace Sensors with the Clapton boost thingy. In other words, it's just like a US Buddy Guy strat, except that the body is MIM and has the polka dots I love so much.

    She's on the left in that picture:

    PRICE REDUCED: $799 shipped

    Other Misc.:

    1 Warmoth Tele body, white, Warmoth finish
    1 Lollar 52 tele pickup set
    1 Fender SCN Tele pickup set + complete S1 switching system, including pots, switch et al
    2 Fender USA Tele bridges, 3 saddles, w/ saddles
    1 complete pickguard assembly from a MIM Buddy Guy Sig strat, including pickups, switch, knobs, pots, all wired and ready to go
    1 Tele-type neck - looks to be a Mighty Mite, but not sure
    1. Squire showmaster body in metallic black, HSS, w/ bridge and neckplate
    1 Set of telecaster pickups hot rails-type by GFS

    Offers welcome.
    Trades: I am interested in the following:
    US Reverend guitars
    Gretsch guitars
    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
    1x12 cab
    Firewire recording interface



    Lake Superior Blue US Reverend Commando
    Powder Blue Reverend Slingshot
    Lime Green Reverend Hotshot Jr
    Mim Esquire w/ Nocaster Pickups
    Red USA Tele w/ P90s
    Artisan LapSteel
    Squier JagMaster
    Robert Cray Strat
    Robert Cray neck
    All parts Tele neck
    GFS Vintage 62 Alnico bridge pickup
    Les Paul Special
    udated Fender USA Tele bridges, 3 saddles, w/ saddles

    The rest is still available! List updated 06/29
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    Hi, dear BlackHatHunter! I'm a guitar lover and feeking for a James Burton (black & gold). I'm so glad to hear you have one and are saling it. I know this topic have been published for quite a long time and the guitar may have been sold, but I  hope you still keep it so I have the chance to buy it.

    I'm looking forward for your reply.


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      What is the color called on that strat in the back row - 2nd from the left?  Its that classy green color.