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    Up for trades is my prized Gibson SG voodoo. It's been through hell and back literally and only sustained one minor injury that I fixed and she still plays like butter. While on deployment during a routine patrol we were hit by an IED and it cracked the chincy 5th fret inlay that came with it. filled and replaced the inlays with normal dot ones. other then that and maybe one other ding, she is in immaculate condition.She's got an ebony fretboard w/mohogany neck and swamp ash body, making her a little lighter then most normal SG's. Action is set up nice and low. This is a relatively rare guitar and one of a kind the life it's lived, It's been in firefights on our COB and survived it all. I'm up for just about any kind of guitar just send me a PM.

    PS, sorry for the wetfretboard I was in the mist is cleaning her when I took these photos,also I'm on the prowl for a partscaster or fender. But will entertain any offer. I'd prefer a maple neck but I'd take rosewood as well.Also I aplogize for the messy room, but nights of drinking tend to turn into this hah20130113\_134756.jpg 20130113\_134707.jpg20130113\_134707.jpg20130113\_134731.jpg20130113\_134742.jpg

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    Good trades with: 1960LesPaul+1, Boboboz,Jairic. :] more to come in the future!

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    Good trades with: 1960LesPaul+1, Boboboz,Jairic. :] more to come in the future!


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      Bump, would be willing to + some cash for the right guitar.

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    Still have her?