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Selling off several Jet City prototypes/show guitars


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  • Selling off several Jet City prototypes/show guitars

    Jet City solid bodies


    Selling off several guitars.  These were built for guitar shows/ prototype pieces.

    In fact some of these were used for picutes on the website.


    All guitars are in Excellent + condition.



    NO reasonable offer will be refused.   NO Trades.


    These are beauties and should be snathed up !!  " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16\_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />


    I will list a few details.  Too many to list.  If interested in more specifics just PM me.


    or contact at http://jetcityguitar.com


     1st gutiar -  An all Korina neck and body..... Body is 1 piece ! .... and the neck has flame and figured.   2 pickups that have a prototype wind that was being tested out.  Basically like a hot PAF.   Fixed tailpiece.   And the neck has the VERY hard to get Madagascar rosewood fretboard  !  Madagascar is harder to get than Brazilian now for those who don't know.



     2nd guitar - an very light wieght swamp ash body.  With 2 nickel custom wind covered humbukers ,  Sicko flamed maple neck with Madagascar fretboard !

    Tonepros Wraparound tailpiece

    Trans white finish on body & matching headstock


     3rd guitar - a pelham blue 1 piece alder body .  Super birds eye neck.  2 wolftone legend humbuckers.  Hipshot hardtail.


    There will be a few others as well as I get a chance to get to them. 


    Here are a few pics ..........


    *  Will be back with pics of the heritage cherry  ( 1st guitar ) later








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    Here is a quik shot of the dark trans heritage cherry. Lots of marbeling figure in the black Korina ....... 


    I am going to take more under better light



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