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  • Suhr Modern For Sale

    Heres a mint Suhr Modern in Purple Nova finish. 10 out of 10 . Best neck I ever played great balance and very versatile with the 5 way switch. Plekked so the action is low and stainless steel frets   No imperfections just maybe glare from the camera flash.  There are silver streaks in the purple and black if you look close. Looking for 2595.00 shipped. suhr.JPG


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    Good deals with Guitarist17, itsallinmyh3ad , Advv , Skaaks , Further Lo , CBP12877 , Jimmy Clark , floydroseuser and more I can't remember its been over 10 years .

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    Wow..I thought you loved Suhrs!

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      Yea I love Suhrs thats correct Jimmy. I have a plain black one and need cash so I figured this would sell faster then a plain one. Thanks for the bump.

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    Pro series right?
    Buy the ticket, take the ride.


    Originally Posted by oldivor

    I'm drinking a rum and coke. Get your own damn beer.

    Originally Posted by isaac42

    I think I can tell you what is wrong with you.
    You're a musician.

    I Play Caparison Guitars. A lot.


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      No this is a custom modern.