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WTB Taylor XXX-BE 30th Anniversary


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  • WTB Taylor XXX-BE 30th Anniversary

    Hi,....i'm looking to aquire a few more Taylor XXX-BE 30th Anniversary Brazilian Back/Sides Grand Concert guitars.

    I will pay top dollar for well cared for examples,.......email me at joejeweler@yahoo.com before you sell elsewhere!

    Non cutaway,.....no electronics prefered, but will purchase any version.

    They only made 150 total of this wood "mix", some with cutaway and/or electronics, so they're not often available.......

    ...... i have 2 of them already (one straight acoustic with no cut away , and one w/cutaway & Expresion System pickup),.........but can fit a few more into my collection!

    Thanks, Joe T

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    Bump,.......any out there wanting to be adopted?


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      I might be posting my Taylor XXV DR 25th anniversary model. I bought it as a keepsake or collectors item....100% perfect condition, mint, never played, original strings, case, stored in cool, dry place, etc. Signed by Bob Taylor.