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3 guitars - Santa Cruz VA $1850, Eastman E10OM w/ K&K $950, 1979 Les Paul Std $1700


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  • 3 guitars - Santa Cruz VA $1850, Eastman E10OM w/ K&K $950, 1979 Les Paul Std $1700

    Santa Cruz VA dreadnought $1800 firm plus shipping.

    Santa Cruz Vintage Artist (Doc Watson model.... bless his soul). Santa Cruz makes a great dread like Martin or Collings.

    This SCGC sounds great and has a Fishman active pick up. A recent upgrade is some stainless steel frets. I think they said that was a $600 upgrade. Awesome prewar D18 style acoustic for flatpickin bluegrass, folk, blues, etc. I really like it for fingerpickin too. I keep it humidified.

    Here's a link for more about a similar SC VA. There's a video there too.


    Asking $1800 firm. Plus $50 for shipping if out of state. Email for more info.


    Eastman E10OM acoustic with a K&K Pure Mini pickup $950 plus shipping

    Great acoustic guitar here. Just got it a month ago for $800 and had a K&K pure mini installed for $200 2 weeks ago. Just trying to breakeven b/c I found another guitar I want so I need the cash.

    But there is nothing wrong with this guitar. I went to Guitar Center tonight and it was more responsive than any Martin, Gibson, or Taylor they had on the wall.

    The reviews are outstanding. No it's not a Collings, Santa Cruz or old Martin, but for under $1000, it's a killer guitar. K&K pick up sounds awesome too.

    Great for strumming or fingerpicking. Loud, clear, and articulate.

    Here's the specs and a vid. Email me if you wanna test drive it.




    1979 Les Paul Std $1700 plus shipping

    Selling my 1979 Les Paul Standard that I've had since 1993. One of the best playing and sounding electric guitars I've ever owned. You can get a vintage rock and roll tone out of it. It's a monster.

    Definitely a player guitar with some paint wear and dings. Never any structural damage or repairs. There is slight buckle rash on the back and a few minor dings on the top.

    Original Gibson Hard-shell case.

    Email for pics of all 3 guitars. Have not figured out how to post them here yet. I have a bunch.

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    All 3 are sold. Thank you.