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FS: Gorgeous 1960 Martin 00-18 W/ORIGINAL CASE!


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  • FS: Gorgeous 1960 Martin 00-18 W/ORIGINAL CASE!

    I'm a music director at a large church here in the Twin cities. We have a free beginning lesson program where we teach Guitar, Bass, Keys and Drums to any child who who would like to explore an instrument. Last July I had a young boy come into one of my classes with this Martin 00-18. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised. When I opened the case I could tell that the guitar hadn't seen the light of day in a very long time (I was told over 35 years). When I attempted to bring the strings up to pitch (thank goodness they were all really loose!) I noticed the bridge beginning to lift so I backed the tension off right away and loaned him my old and trusty Ovation to use for the class. After the class his grandpa came in (he had received the guitar from a friend in the 70s) and I told him that I believed the guitar to be quite valuable. He never played it. It had been stored at his home for the past 35 years. I suggested a fine luthier that he could bring the instrument in to have the bridge re-attached. The guitar is repaired, 100% bone stock...even down to the original case, end pin, nut, tuners, real tortoise shell pickguard and binding...EVERYTHING just as it left the Martin factory in 1960. It is in remarkable condition. It has a few tiny nicks and some very light scratches...and the usual finish checking...but other than that it is SUPERB! AND...it sound AMAZING!!! ZERO splits or cracks in the wood and no signs of any repair...EVER. My luthier also commented that the neck has the original factory set. If I had the funds I would buy it myself. But...since I don't...I offered to assist him in selling the guitar as he had no idea even where to start.
    Please PM with questions or offers.

    Greetings from Beautiful Minnesota!