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FS: 1979 Guild D-50 NT

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  • FS: 1979 Guild D-50 NT

    Due to another recent purchase, I have to part with my '79 Guild D-50. Tonally, I put it somewhere between a J-45 and a D-28, which I love about it. Plenty of depth and enough volume to do the bluegrass thing, if that's your style. Very good condition, with the only issues being what appears to be a wear mark (presumably from a bracelet or something) approximately where your forearm rests, and a weathering crack near the pickguard. Original case is included, but is in ROUGH shape. It'll protect the guitar in shipping, and is fine for storage, but the handle is missing and a couple of the latches are broken or missing. All things considered, though, I'm passing along a good deal on a great guitar. $1225 shipped and Paypal'd. I'll get pics up soon.

    Only trades I would consider would be a nice compressor (Keeley, etc.), a good mandolin, an active DI, a good mid-level banjo, or possibly a Les Paul (no studio/faded/etc.). In fact, try me with anything that's not pointy, solid state, an acoustic guitar, or a multi-effects unit. Could contribute cash for the right deal.

    Good deals - Masterburrfoot, vintageroad, emmerwood, meursault42, sleewell, basshub, brianeharmonjr, K2000