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90's Larrivee Dred...for Sale or Trade


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  • 90's Larrivee Dred...for Sale or Trade

    I'm putting  up my truly gorgeous sounding Larrivee guitar. I selected this guitar from dozens over a period of a year. My good friend and luthier hand picked and set up this guitar with me and its been a real joy to own. Near mint condition, bone saddle and nut, clear pick guard, fishman under saddle electronics, OMHSC.

    This guitars sound is hard to describe...this gorgeous all solid wood bearclaw Sitka Spruce/Mahogany, NOT SAPELLE. This guitar has the deep deep warm bottom very similar to a Martin, but with clear articulated highs of a Gibson. This is what made this Larrivee really stand out from the rest. The neck, frets, and action all set by a fine luthiers touch...so easy to play. I will include a new set of Elixirs (medium light 12-53 nanoweb). Many Larrivees, especially built after 2000 were only available in Sapelle, which is NOT mahogany...it does sound different. You have to compare the two side by side to hear it. Sapelle even looks different. Enough about tonewoods....

    My go to dreds are my J45 and Eastman now....As gorgeous sounding as the Larrivee is, I don't need 3 dreds.

    So I am looking for $850 delivered CONUS. or an Eastman archtop. Even a T-386. or an Epiphone hollowbody of equal build and style....so let me know if you have something out there....

    Here's a few pics...more available for the asking....







    string break.JPG

    Attached Files
    Steve Goodman Fan/Eddie Wright Fan/Damon Fowler Fan 2006 Martin OM21, 2014 Martin GPC12string, 2012 Gibson J45 Standard Spruce/mahogany1969 Framus 12 String Spruce/Mahogany1990's Larrivee D2 (Spruce/Mahogany)2007-8 Guild C0-2C (Spruce/Mahogany)2009 Recording King RO-26 (Spruce/Mahogany)1962-3 Gibson LG2 (Spruce/Mahogany)