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    i just started playing guitar. i dig Flamenco music so i bought a Lag Tamerlane TA66 classical guitar for $300.. My budget was $1100 and i was looking at Cordoba's. the Lag caught my eye cuz it was the most beautiful guitar in the shop (i thought).
    i know 6 chords and 2 scales so i played 5 classical guitars... 2 Cordoba's, a Yamaha, and 3 Lags.
    maybe it's because i'm a beginner but i couldn't really tell any sound difference between these guitars, and the Lag TA66 felt better than the others, looked better than the others (love that Occitan Cross Rosette & uniquely carved headstock), and was much less expensive.
    i'm not the type of guy that feels better about a purchase because i overpaid for a name. at the same time, i'll pay whatever to get what i like. Had the Lag TA66 been $1300 then i guess i would have went over budget by $200, but luckily it was a mere $300 !! wow. i'm loving that savings and love playing the Lag Tamerlane TA66.

    Anyone else have a Lag ? If not, check 'em out.