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    My Main Street Guitar says 'Fort Worth Texas' on the inside label. i live in Fort Worth and actually ran into a shop on Rosedale called 'Main Street Guitars' B4 i ever bought this one or heard of the company. nowhere on my Main Street MAMF Acoustic does it say 'China' ... only 'Fort Worth, Texas'.
    i know it MUST be a Chinese made guitar though.

    I bought my Main Street Guitar from a pawn shop for $40 and the guitar is factory mint condition.
    i cannot believe how flawless the workmanship is on this thing ! ... it sounds fabulous too ! LOL
    i'm selling my $500 Fender acoustic now because the Main Street Guitar is superior in sound. flat out.
    i thought there has to be a catch to this so i looked to see if it had an adjustable truss rod.... yep, it sure does...(many cheap instruments don't).
    They list for around $100 new. How they can even make one for $100 is beyond my reasoning, much less sell it for $100.

    I'm a beginner, but I am bewildered by the value and quality of a Main Street Acoustic Guitar. i imagine that everyone that buys one is.